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IMOJEV is a vaccine that helps to protect you or your child against Japanese encephalitis, a serious infection that can cause brain inflammation. It is given by injection under the skin in the upper arm or thigh. Learn about its uses, side effects, precautions and more from this leaflet.

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IMOJEV is a vaccine for persons of 9 months and over that helps to protect against Japanese encephalitis. It is given by injection and may cause side effects such as fever, headache, injection site pain and swelling.

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Japanese encephalitis vaccine is a vaccine that protects against Japanese encephalitis. The vaccines are more than 90% effective. The duration of protection with the vaccine is not clear but its effectiveness appears to decrease over time. Doses are given either by injection into a muscle or just under the skin.. It is recommended as part of routine immunizations in countries where the disease.


IMOJEV ® is the first single dose vaccine against JE for adults in Australia. For children, one dose of IMOJEV is recommended for primary immunization; the addition of a booster dose to extend.

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Sanofi Pasteur Launches IMOJEV® First Single-dose Vaccine Against Japanese Encephalitis in Australia MELBOURNE, Australia, December 9, 2012 - About 3 billion people living in Asia Pacific and.

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Press release Substipharm acquires IMOJEV® SUBSTIPHARM is proud to announce that it entered into an agreement to acquire the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine IMOJEV® from Sanofi for an undisclosed amount. IMOJEV® is indicated for the prevention of Japanese Encephalitis in both adults and children, and is currently marketed in Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, […]

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Imojev is a vaccine for Japanese encephalitis, a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by the mosquito-borne JE virus. It is not funded by the National Immunisation Program, but it is recommended for people who are exposed to JE virus in endemic areas or who travel to these areas. Learn about the dosage, schedule, contraindications and precautions of Imojev.

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New commercialisation agreement builds on existing partnership with Zuellig Pharma. SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 16 January 2024 - Zuellig Pharma, a leading healthcare solutions company in Asia, has announced its commercialisation partnership with pharmaceutical company Substipharm Biologics, to expand access of the IMOJEV® Japanese encephalitis vaccine across nine markets in Asia.

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IMOJEV was found to be safe, highly immunogenic and capable of inducing long-lasting immunity in both preclinical and clinical trials. Moreover, a single dose of IMOJEV was sufficient to induce protective immunity, which was similar to that induced in adults by three doses of JE-VAX(®), a mouse brain-derived inactivated JE vaccine..

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The JE vaccine has a good safety record and large clinical trials have shown that the two new JE vaccines, IXIARO and IMOJEV have a demonstrated level of safety and generate a potent immune response. To prevent further spread of JEV infection and reduction of disease incidence, vaccination is the single most important preventive measure..

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Imojev is a live attenuated Japanese encephalitis vaccine that is registered for use in people aged ≥9 months. It is a subcutaneous injection of lyophilised powder in a monodose vial with separate diluent. Learn more about its details, administration, dosage, contraindications and variations from the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

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Like Imojev (commercially available live attenuated JE vaccine), our live attenuated JE-CVax vaccine is a chimeric flavivirus that consists of the genome of YFV-17D from which the prM/E genes have been replaced by those of JEV SA14-14-2, and hence, it is nearly identical to Imojev (i.e., a retroengineered genetic copy) but not formally the same.

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Author summary Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) commonly infects human beings in developing countries including those in Southeast Asia. While the majority of the infected people suffer from mild illness, a minority suffers from encephalitis which may lead to death. The virus is transmitted by mosquito bites and elimination of mosquitoes is not a practical answer to prevent the disease.

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For example, Sanofi's recombinant chimeric vaccine JE-CV (IMOJEV®) was licensed for use in Australia for people 12 months of age and older because JEV has also appeared in northern Australia (Kosalaraksa et al., 2017). JE-CV is a new recombinant chimeric virus vaccine that was developed using the yellow fever virus (YFV) vaccine backbone YFV.

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IMOJEV japanese encephalitis vaccine (live, attenuated) powder for injection vial plus diluent vial, Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Ltd , CON-727 12 January 2021. Section 14 consent. Consent to Supply while noncompliant with standards. The consent is effective from 12 January 2021 until 22 May 2022.

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IMOJEV was found to be safe, highly immunogenic and capable of inducing long-lasting immunity in both preclinical and clinical trials. Moreover, a single dose of IMOJEV was sufficient to induce protective immunity, which was similar to that induced in adults by three doses of JE-VAX ® , a mouse brain-derived inactivated JE vaccine.